Ermina Takenova


Mankurt: a mindless slave, who had their memory completely erased as a result of a horrible torture

Mankurt is an animated short film based on a Turkic legend, which was adapted in the novel The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years by Chingiz Aitmatov.  The term mankurt refers to people who forgot their roots and don't value the history and traditions of their own culture. This legend is powerful in how it can be so universal in describing the oppression and brain-washing happening in the world throughout history, as well as nowadays. The animated short is my adaptation of the ancient legend with a modern and surreal twist.

Q&A with Melikian Centre, Arizona State University

International Aitmatov Academy Award 2021

GeloinVersi Award – Best Short Film 2018
Versi di Luce Film Festival, Modica and Gela, Italy

Honourable Mention 2017
New Renaissance Film Festiva, London, UK

Directed and Animated by Ermina Takenova
Voice Cast: Frances Healy, Tarrick Benham, Zharas Takenov, Ermina Takenova
Animation Assistants: Tahuanty Jacanamijoy and Natasza Cetner
Composer and Sound Designer: Christopher Schlechte-Bond
Musicians: Aleksandra Henszel and Florian Belbeoch
Sound Mix: Mike Wyeld
The film features a flute cover of Abay Kunanbayev's song 'Kozimnin Karasi’
Supported by the Abraaj RCA Innovation Scholarship